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      Jeff Jones, Strategic Account Manager OSIsoft
I worked with Suresh at Halliburton when he was the Project Manager for Ecopetrol. Suresh was a solid Project Manager. He identified potential risk areas early in the project, addressed them both internally and with the Client, and prevented any problem. My clients liked Suresh and I found him easy to work with. I recommend Suresh.
      Narayan Shanker, Technical Advisor at Halliburton | Landmark
Suresh has shown the unique ability to execute project work while focusing on finance and non-finance targets so the outcome is successful for the customer and Landmark. He is decisive, organized and energetic. I’ve enjoyed working with him and would strongly recommend him to any company.
      Keith Romaine, Principal Consultant - Halliburton
Suresh demonstrated to me some keen insights into managing challenging projects. He also has shown an ability to communicate issues clearly and succinctly and has presented sound recommendations to address these issues. I believe if placed in the right project management position that Suresh would deliver tremendous value to his employer.
      Arne Sveen, SVP Network Control EMEA Region at Ventyx, an ABB Company
I believe Suresh has contributed a lot to our work to improve project management skills. This goes for his work for the global division and also for me locally where his very precise and thoughtful way of dealing with project manager candidates was remarkably good and helpful for our local organization.
      Bob O' Shaughnessy, Strategic Account Director at Jovix powered by Atlas RFID Solutions
Suresh is a consummate professional, and as Project Director for some of our key multinational clients made sure that the customer's needs were addressed thoroughly while project delivery targets remained on track. He is a real pleasure to work with.
      Michael Hurley, Vice President -Technology at Asset Optimization Consultants, Inc.
In his role as Project Director Suresh has shown me that he is a very capable project manager. He is strict is his work process and this allows for very good client expectation management. More than once I have witnessed him reset the client's expectations such that both our company and the client win. While the project management process can be fairly easy to follow, the hard part is sticking to it and managing the client in such a way that expectations are fulfilled.

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