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Whom Would I Like To Work For?

► Your business producing billions of dollars in sales has great customers. But now, stiff competition has forced you to reduce costs so you stay competitive in the global market

► You have grown your sales but your goals don’t align with how people decide and act on opportunities

► Your internal and external brand aren’t aligned. And you aren’t attracting the best employees

► Your business strategy isn’t transparent to your employees

► Your project portfolio isn’t optimized to your strategy

► You don’t have an aftermarket service to harvest potential profits

I help businesses–big and small–uncover hidden profits and create new wealth through profitability coaching. 

That’s why you need me. I specialized in helping businesses grow through a program “Rocket Business Results Using Evaluations™” in a consistent and predictable way. 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I helped a Fortune 500 company increase order intake 43% by driving a program to certify 200 senior project managers. Each certified senior project manager had to build skills and abilities to handle a $30m dollar project."

It’s possible to increase your productivity, connect with the customers who are a perfect fit, and build solid relationships. In fact, if you know how to position your business and your message, you can have your potential clients coming right to you.

Here is a testimonial from a Fortune 500 company:

“Suresh is a hard worker with focus on getting all the details rights without loosing his eyes on the end goals. He is also very ambitious in his search for new knowledge and ways to apply them in his every day work. With this attitude he enriches life at work both for himself and the people that he interacts with.”

You can leverage my experience and expertise to create a business to connect with great customers. As the Founder of Business Unit Execution and as a recipient of the “ABB Quality Salute Award”, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, executives and leaders and helped them amplify their profits, transform their business, and align people to carry out strategies effectively.

I would love to learn more about you and your business.

I've written 12 Ebooks on various business coaching topics. They are available on Some are shown here.


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